I just can’t drink

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John j

Mono Don
Yeah went today got some milk. Cider n guiness for cooking

Pl plastering

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U mean lightweight by not being able to drink loads as u dont like it or being pissed after a couple? Binge drinking is way forward


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Tried to drink myself into a good mood the other day I just can’t do it, ffs is anyone else out there an absolute light weight drinker too ?
I can’t be only one
Me mate used to drink from one day to the next no problems,
2 snowballs now an I'm locked up, brings the naughty out in me


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Buck fast is a cracking drink, the high caffeine content is the problem, makes you stay up and drink more. The hangover off it is more like a comedown.


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15 mins after drinking your heart rate increases and you get a hit of dopamine. Great. Trouble is you need to keep drinking or it goes quickly and you get withdrawal which is a hangover. It's down to your genetics if you can keep at it. Practice helps and age is factor. Older you get the worse it is. Well it is with me. I can't drink much these days