How to remove plaster coving without damaging lath and plaster ceiling


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I'm looking for some DIY advice. We've got a 1920s semi with old lath & plaster ceilings and original coving throughout. we've had the kitchen/diner knocked through and it's left the coving in a bit of a sorry state. We want if possible to remove the coving without having to take down the whole lath & plaster ceiling. After a quick investigation it seems like the coving is moulded directly onto the lath bands at the ceiling and the render on the walls.

Is the job of just removing the coving possible or is it going to bring the ceiling down with it?

I'm attaching some photos. Any suggestions much appreciated.
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May I ask if you're intending to remove all the coving, permanently, or just intending to remove the damaged areas, in order to replace those sections with fresh coving?