How to put up eml on a ceiling

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Hi all,

Just to put you in the picture I'm on a job at the moment and have taken down the old lime plaster ceiling and replaced it with plasterboards. The problem is that the customer has cut away the cornice and wants me to fill it in but there is no joists to fit the eml on to. I'm at a bit of a loss how to do this and what kind of plaster can I use to get it finished.
I've attached pictures of before and after.


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Need to take old coving off. Bonding and eml around corner. Make good wall up to ceiling. Then make good ceilings to the wall. The eml will be fixed to wall with bonding ... Maybe one way... Got a job there!


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Other way. Dig out. Stick plasterboard strips all the way around from above. Then fill in.