how to divide an area in sections?


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hello folks, Is there any way to divide, say a big ceiling, into 2 sections for skimming?
I am not exactly the fastest kid on the block and this would really help me.
Thanks a lot
Either use some extra time in the mix which will give you about another 30-40 mins open time or divide it with scrim. It’s not a good time of the year if you struggle to get bigger areas on tbf.
Fix a 3mm stop bead not square but at an angle.
Make sure you lay on with the bead to avoid any uneven edges at the bead..
The best method as Chrispy said use extra time.
The problem is the join, its got to be perfect. Even if it is you can still see a shadow at the join when it painted sometimes.
So extra time as has already ready been advised would be the better option, especially if you're mixing and coating.