how they get away with it

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had the joy of working on council referb work recently what an eye opener how they get away with it never met so many idiots in short space


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i use to subby for the council many moons ago.
they arnt overworked them boys, we did about 15 metre of skiminng a day start at half 8 finish at half 3, they told us to slow down as we were showing up the council lads.


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I did it my self years ago through a builder he would give us a job sheet for the week but we would do all the jobs in 2 days plus when you went to the houses the greeting was never friendly usually on the lines of "I have been waiting for this to be be done for 2 f**king years" And no amount of telling them you dont work for the council helped, I know I dont miss that work thats for sure.


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Tell me about it!, i'm a subby and i just started a bit for these builders that do insurance work. The work took me 2 days and some how i saw a sheet of paper left on the job that had their price for the plastering.

Lets just say they made nearly double i did! Yet if you ask for more money all you get is "i don't know mate, i'm barely making it pay as it is" followed by them leaving you in a cloud of dust as they raw off in their range rovers.
Tossers lol!

Ditto on the customer complaints too, this old girl gave me a ticking off for being '4 months late'. Thanks for that luv!


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whats the best way of getting on these council jobs, i would'nt mind a go of it myself. work is work after all.


was subbing doing council work doing damproofing 1m up internal.was walking down to van mad man came Running out of his house screaming at me!he settled down once i told him subby not council here on price.he showed me his house;every inch of plaster knocked off walls in three bed house apart from lids!he hadnt seen council in four months!!no wonder he was mad!!!!! how do they survive theses councils?easy money every week from which isnt cheap!
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