How many trowels is to many?

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I have

13 skimming trowel
14 trowel
16 skimming trowel
11 inch trowel
18 inch trowel

The Apprentice

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"In the good old days", we had a skimming trowel and a floating trowel, both were 11", life was much simpler. I did a ceiling the other day and all I seat to be doing was swapping the trowel or equipment that I used.
14" mt
1200 speedskim st
11" mt
600 speedskim st
600 speedskim sf
16" nela
Takes me twice as long to take my gear into the house now


It’s A Boy
16" mt coating.
18" nela supa flatten
18" refina supa finish with plazzy mixed in.

Depends on how big of a set iput on.

john simpson

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One MT 14"4 for skimming
MT 14"5 for floating
midget one for awkward bits
14" Nela which i just got and am very very impressed with!
load of shitey MT's for cleaning floors
few margin trowels
bucket trowel
couple of pointers and that

99% of time use only one of them , although the Nela is changing that.

plaster man

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I have one my for skimming and one in training on a&c don't get all this trowel collecting u can only use one at a time I am on the plasterers and builders forem on face book and guys are all ways putting up pics of there trowel collecting Don get it
Favourite trowel will do the neat jobs while one breaks in doing the heavy jobs once that's broke in the favourite trowel becomes a floor scraper and the heavy trowel becomes neat trowel buy a new trowel for for heavy work and the circle of life goes on
I have a lot of floor scrapers in the van and for plastic trowels and flexible trowels why bother changing as your neat one will give a neat finish if it's a neat trowel
Over complicated just how we like it


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To answer ur question seriously usually if the skim trowel broke I'd start using the render trowel and get a new render trowel. If render trowel broke just replace.


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12" Tyzack
14" Tyzack carbon
14" kraft elite... Hate this one
14" Nela stainless steel
14" s*p*r*lex
16" s*p*r*lex
14" refina s*p*r*lex


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I just started skimming with a mt carbon 14 inch that I've been breaking in since last December.Very happy with it.I have a couple of ss trowels but they just don't get the same edge.
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