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Hi, I am thinking about using a bonding coat to level out a wall around a bath and will also be fitting a shower and tiling, what i would like to know is how long do i need to wait before i can skim over the bonding coat with multi finish, also i have read not to use bonding in the bathroom but would the way above be ok as i am limited to space to fit battens and backer boards, i may be able to get away with dot and dab mr boards and tanking. any help would be very grateful.


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HI MATE, it is best not to use bonding in wet areas , but if its tiled and grouted well the water should never get to the bonding and it should be ok,, you can skim over the bonding after a couple of hours,, the bonding should be hard when you press it with your finger and the bonding should be starting to change colour
Depends what the wall is that you are bonding. If it is bare brick work then not bonding - should be hardwall or better still in bathroom sand and cement!.

Hardwall = medium to high suction (Bricks, Light blocks(Celcons and Thermalites)old render etc
Bonding = low suction (cast concrete, dense concrete blocks, Flexible stuff like cavity closers and eml, also old painted walls etc
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