How long can i leave basecoat ?


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Hi. In the next few weeks i will begin installing the EPS insulation to my extension/house and im hoping to apply the base coat as soon as the weather permits , I was just wondering how long i could leave the 2 coats of mesh reinforced basecoat before i apply the topcoat ? My idea is to do all the base coat before the finishing paving then just cover up the new paving for the top coat of silicone. But might be a 2/3 of months gap in between ?
Grateful for any advice Cheers. KR.

you really dont want to topcoat on a new paving.

basecoat is left a min of 7 days. no real time limit on finishing but quicker the better really
Why can't you top coat down to plinth level above path level thenslab, cover and finish plinth level last ?