How do you stop the tripods seizing up?

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What works best for keeping the tripod spindles working smoothly? :confused:

Spraying them with something like:
  • WD40
  • 3in1
  • a formwork mould release agent.

Just cleaning them well every time.

Or spraying and cleaning and more spray etc. Any magic tips anyone?
When they are new you can put a form of silicone spray on them, when they are older we tend to put them in a vice, attach a drill the the handle end and spin them round whilst holding a wire brush onto the thread, cleans them up nicely.
I use duck oil on mine, I've got a big wicker basket in the van and spray them all at once as soon as they are put away, seems to do the trick.
i put mine to soak in a tub of red deisel, leave them over night and they come up as good as new. anold school scaffolder told me that as that is what they use to do with scaffold clips.
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