how busy are we all now?

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I've been dead so far this year, 1 day since before xmas. Went to quote 2 jobs this week 1st one h/s/l over artex quoted £ 400 and the guy says ''way to much mate'' people want it perfect for nothing. Just outside Glasgow


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I was supposed to start a job a week tuesday renovating 18 flats in a block. Got a phone call today to tell me that there has been a small hitch and all the renovation has fell through! A F*****g small hitch!!!


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again why i hate the can you deffo start on such a date .........we end up eating our fingers


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I had a phone call from a person from another country to be polite, who says he has brought 3 houses and needs them doing up...... For £50 a day!!! The cheeky tosser even sounded like he was doing me a favor!!!


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You should of took it mart and subbed it out to some one here as it seems some people are desperate for work you could of made a tenner a day off some one ;D
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