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What kind of weight do you want it to lift and i can ring a pal of mine tomorrow who deals in used plant and see if he can source one.
had a word with my son in law he fits hiabs. he has nothing second hand in stock, these small hiabs are very sort after. can supply and fit you a new one, the things to consider is what distance do you want to pickup from the truck, and where do you want to place the load onto the buck of your truck? the more things that the crane does the more it costs.
i want to pick up ton bags of waste from jobs we finish and so i reckon a ton at 2-3 mts is where i wanna be. i am just going to put them in the back of the sprinter tipper i just got but may need to place them front to back if gypsum is in there, Also wanna offload pallets on site when we get stuff delivered to yard
Also i have my own system scaffold and i want to load and offload it up to 5 mts away. so that is gonna be about 500 kg.

been looking for 3 weeks now, i missed a transit with hiab all done for 4,400.00 but when i rang him b4 auction closed he wanted 6 k i woulda given 4.5k. anyway i was keen on a sprinter as ive had a few and paqrts for them are common. the one i had was a 13 ft back with 2.6 ft flatbed bit behind the cab so ideal for a hiab type crane
he had a look at the hiab 450, he said that it is to big for your truck, more suitable for a 7.5 or a 12 tonne truck.
do a search for these cranes, maxilift, atlas, palfinger, pm, and fassi. they all manufacture cranes for your size truck.
Penny hydraulics I think that's the name. They do small hiab type cranes that can lift the weights and distances your looking at. Thinking they only weight about 250kgs so still get decent payload.
My pal is in France delivering a crane and won't be back for a week and reckons second hand hiabs go quick. Says he will keep ear's and eyes open for one.
they do go quick and for big money, bloke listed a transit hiab today at 1 o clock he reckoned i was his second caller in 20 minutes. i considered it but tbh it was shorter than my sprinter and those shape trannies are nails so i bottled it
Have you considered a boom with block and tackle or is that a bit heath robinson for you :RpS_unsure: i know the hiab would be a lot easier but it could possibly be an option
nahh thats not for me. the right one will turn up. i just gotta be patient. once a buy one i bet 5 turn up all better spec and cheaper and 3 miles up the road
mercedes sprinter Auto, 1.5 ton hiab, tipper. you iz well jell. vvvvooooooeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Arnt you only allowed 3.5 tonne gross tho, so by the time you have the weight of your van the weight of your hiab your not far off already before your load?
Yip. On a site now and they got skips full of scrap met sec. How much you reckon a tipper full of that is worth. :RpS_thumbsup:.

I loves it Gibbs. fill a ton sack on a small job and up she goes on the back. Plus the g4 floats up there. its my new toy
not tried that yet, only ton sacks. I'm hoping if i park alongside it the hiab will lift a pallet about 6 ft away. its only got a 12v motor so they prety limited with wat the carry but its rated for 1.5 ton close and 600 kg at 14 ft
put a pallet of k rend on the back the other day using the forklift and it struggled like furk and was too much weight on the truck. i didnt realise it was 56 bags @ 25 kg
There was a Luton van with a tailgate for sale in our local rag a few weeks back £3000.would be a good buy for the machine and pallets of gear
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