Hi from Elche area.... just buying an old farm house

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The old house has a very interesting suspended techo. First glance appears to be tiled but you realise it is in fact a fibrous plaster ceiling which appears to be cast in situ???
Unfortunately the kitchen ceiling had some water damage and around 1/4 of the ceiling has come down. Wondering if there is anyone here capable of repairing it.
I have attached a pic of the ceiling. Every room has a different pattern... intriguing to know how they originally made the ceilings.
Cheers all


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If you're doing an old house up then Countryfinish Casper is the man.

If you can find him (none of his previous customers can) then Maybe you can hire @Casper

He's got an A Team van and everything


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I see that there is a reed ceiling above the fibrous ceiling.
Yes it would appear to be on reeds or bamboo originally between the rafters..... never seen this finish before and goodness knows how they achieved it. Every room is a different pattern...


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