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Hi folks, new to the forum, although I've found it a great source of advice so far. I'm not a plasterer but I have done a few rooms before to a fairly acceptable standard and quite enjoyed the process. Not to the standard a pro would achieve but good enough for what I needed, only onto fairly decent walls though.

I'm looking for some advice regarding skimming paramount board. My house is full of this shite and I hate it. Utter b*ll***s.

Decorating the two bedrooms - each had about 6 layers of wallpaper with various layers of paint in between them so by the time that was removed the walls underneath were in a s**t state, basically the top paper layer is gone leaving a fuzzy surface. There's only a little core exposed. Photos attached.

I suspect this is going to be a bit of an arse to skim. Any advice? Will I get away with just applying PVA?

If it wasn't paramount board I'd rip it off and reboard but building new stud walls for every room in the house is not affordable and I suspect over boarding wouldn't be sensible onto the paramount either.

Advice appreciated. I'd love to pay a pro to sort it but unfortunately several dramas earlier in the year have left us strapped and with so much needing done I'm trying to salvage some budget to get the more visible rooms done professionally next year.




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What a shame let's hope your boiler don't break down and you go over to plumbers forum to ask a question about keeping your heating on so kids keep warm over Christmas! Times must be really fecking hard

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paramount has virtually no structural integrity.

Only way to deal with that pal is to rip it all down and start again

Do the job right first time...... don't take the chancers way out and mask it.