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Just a Londoner doing some DIY for my Mum and looking to gain some valuable tips from others, professional and amateur. We lost my Dad to cancer a few years back and she couldn't afford the house renovations to sell it, so i'm tackling as much as i can so she can get the asking price for the houses where she lives. I'm a novice in a lot of this but pretty decent with my hands so should do a relatively decent job on most things, i hope.

Here's to learning.



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Condolences for your loss Dani , you've come to the right place. All your questions can be answered here


Welcome alo0ng

ask away and any other DIY questions as we have so0me very skilled people here


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Thanks everyone, it's much appreciated. I uploaded some photos of the first part of the job in the forum where a few decent Gents helped me out, but I'll upload here too to get other professional opinions. It's just initial preparation work i have to do right now involving cracks emanating from Thermalite bricks causing cracks in the plaster.

They are in every room of the house and really unsightly. My Mum wanted to get the whole house re-plastered but the cost would be well above £3k which she just doesn't have.

I've scraped out the cracks and that's where i saw the cracks in the breeze blocks. I didn't know what to do about it and didn't want to go filling it if it could cause worse problems or end up being a waste of time and money as they crack open again after decorating.

After much deliberation from advice, i'm thinking of splashing some PVA adhesive into the cracks, filling with normal filler and then filling again with fine finish filler, fine sanding, and decorating. Good idea or does this need more?