Hi advice needed

I have just posted in the damp proofing section about using aqua boards around a wood burning stove and would be grateful of any advice . Thanks


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Sand and cement is a good way to go . What’s your plan for the finish? Tiles? Skim?
Hi , I’ve explained in the damp proof section that I’ve had the burner fitter 18 months ago and the fire place had been closed up for 40 years or more , the opening was damp when opened up but the fitters carried on and cemented the surround and fitted the burner .now it looks like the damp has worked its way back through so I have removed all the old cement back to the brick and let it dry out for the summer ,o am wanting to know if it is ok to use aqua board around the burner to help with the damp problem or will this break up with the heat , I was thinking of then covering with brick slips . Would this be ok ?. Any advice would be appreciated.