Help with quants so I can price

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I have a job to price at short notice , I have priced all the plastering dry lining and itchy stuff but I know nothing about metal work! Can someone tell me what metal work I need for every square meter as the descriptions in the Sheffield insulations book mean little to me. There's also a 12m2 mf ceiling. I don't need help with the pricing just what is bits are required for a square and the fixings to hold it together
For the walls you need track,stud and fixings for floor and ceiling and a crimping tool
Allow for 2 x1 to run inside door openings for fixing frames
For mf you need perimeter track, primary channel. Tophat. Tophat clips fixings to wall and wafer head screws and angle lengths for supporting the primary
Who ever you get it off they will work it out for you there are two types of mf, meaning two prices, A cheaper version and a dearer version. Ive used both and there is no difference so go for the cheaper stuff do a search for Galaxy they are quite good.
Cheers lads, good job you mentioned the 2x1 blones because I wouldn't have allowed for that. By the way mr blones can you please email me an invoice for the diesel genny I had off yer, which i may be selling soon with the pump!
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