Help!!! Render completely frozen


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Hi guys,

Has anyone experienced render being frozen!
I have had a my whole house rendered in K-rend silicone. Base coat is hp 12 on top of a medium dense concrete block, mesh and primer, and k rend silicone tc15 top coat.

The house has no central heating and still open to the elements, it has been very cold!
Render top coat was installed and finished 30 October 2022, the back of the house looks like the inside of my not frost free freezer.

Will this blow/affect the render or am just panicking! Any advise or help would be amazing
Time will tell
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Thanks for this, hear is some pic of, frost or frozen, not sure


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I have a bit of scaff at back when I look at other houses they have frost/ice on back of wall, not a much as mine tho as bottom of house still open
Based on the pic, what do you guys think
Wait until the frost has lifted . If the frost has killed the material you will be able to brush it off with a stiff broom.
When we worked on tower blocks in London in the winter months. The scaffold would have a roof fitted, debris netting up the side and heaters left on day and night to protect the render.