Help Please! Novis Plasterer!!


Hello everyone, hope all is good.

I've just moved in the a flat and the bathroom wall is in a right state, I've removed all the wallpaper, to discover this, I am wanting to plaster it, I just want to add I know plastering is an art, not expecting to do a brilliant job, just want it too look better, got a tiny bit of experience, well nothing other then techniques from a college course I did a few years ago at level 1, I'd like to give it a crack. Plus I'm a cheap skate and the move has skinted me out! Got a few rookie questions, after preperaing the wall getting is as smooth and as level as possible can I put two coats of multi finish on it?, is this a hard plastered wall that hasn't been skimmed? As I said and I'll say again complete novice aha, what's the best plaster to use? Or would it be be better to plaster board it? I'd leave it to the pro's if I weren't so skint, any help in laments terms would be fantastic

Cheers guys



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Tight coat of bonding and skim. Or bit of bonding in your first coat maybe to help get over the tile adhesive and general fubar.


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Get rid of any existing wallpaper

Sugar soap walls to get rid of paste.


2 coats multi. Can put a handful or 2 of bonding in first coat.

Good luck.


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Firstly get every last piece of paper off the wall then, get some filled and fill any and all holes then, sand the wall until all high spot have been knocked back then, but a roll of medium grade lining paper and some splits and put the lining paper on the wall.

Trust me it will be easier in the long run of you are a total novice.