help please lads

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getting house done for free wetherby system
what a mess, render everywhere except on the walls
day 16, end terraced house not a mansion
bows in bead, revels not straight
through them off the job today
the owner of the firm came round to try and sort the problem out
this is a test job for the firm to get bba approved,called the wetherby rep out
the owner of the firm came back at the same time
told by wetherby the spec is 4-6mm, mesh in top 3rd 2-3 mm top coat, that is 6-8 mm overall
so mesh should be 4mm under surface am i right?
the wetherby rep said the mesh should be as close to the surface as possible
am i being taken for a c***t


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The reps right the top coat is whatever it is but the base will be 4-6mm, id be more worried about the mess and the beads, if they haven't started topping get them to sort it the ask for another gang to finish it


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yes it sounds like an inexperienced team ,you have working on your house ,not that i'am experienced as i have only read about the system and i know that lol!!

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Hey Paul... hope you got sorted out... why didnt you or the weatherby rep call me back? come on tell us... what company were trying for the BBA certs??? if its terraco i want to know about it... also... when do you need me to fix it??? ;)

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mesh in top third normally

Hi Paul
done a lot of weatherby stuff and its not top 3rd for mesh mate... they stipulate first pass 4mm base coat with mesh embedded... then 12 hours later another 4mm of basecoat... total 8mm so mesh is 6mm in... i dont want to even get into this but all manufactures have the same system components....
OK... why do material suppliers insist on 8mm basecoats???? when 4mm will suffice...if you use double mesh... which is stronger job... i will tell you now... its because they just want to sell material... end of.. thats the remit
my house (update)

day 21 (workingdays they dont do weekends)
had a man round all last week he can only work till 1
cleaned a few windows still got render all over my drive (block paved)
glass roof on my conny scratched to bits no protection put over it glass cost me £1500 trade for just glass
new soil stack (my cost )covererd in render
caravan all up the sides
just moved down pipe witch was straight onto caravan roof for two weeks
loads of cracks adove windows and side of soil stack
anybody want their house can give you there number
god am i having sh1t of wife only let friends on my house till these ass wholes
DSCF0587.jpg DSCF0587.jpg DSCF0597.jpg DSCF0602.jpg here is one pic of any


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sorry if i read it wrong ,like i do ,but it is your house ?the job has been left unclean to say the least ,but your Paultheplasterer :huh:


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Hi the problem is mate that when a monocouche render gos wrong it really gos wrong ,it needs lots of time to cover up all windows ,doors ,floors the prep for me is 70% of the job if you don't prep correctly all hell will break loose people think its easy but it's not it can bite you on the arse ,it needs to be priced correctly or you just end up rushing it and end up with results like yours I hope you get things sorted soon if u need any advice you can get my detials of my website spray rendering - hertfordshire rendering. Good luck

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its not mono its a thin coat system over dry fix phenolic boards... they have put the boards on wrong, not staggered, mesh showing through top coat in places, and no mesh into reveals or strengheners over window corners... also cant believe 21 days and still not finished... WTF... 3 days should have been plenty IMO for 60 m2... anyway i would re bead the lot re mesh the lot properly and do it again straight over the top of it
my house (update)

scaff went back up today lads sat in van and watched.
the main gaffer came out just looked at the lads in van said nothing it was 2pm (nice time to start work).
no they didnt start he sent them shopping so they can sort out somthing to stop rain getting on the walls.
he didnt say anything about the stains on the drive they cleaned it twice he just looked.
ask him how they are going to get the render of my soffits ,we will sort that ive have tried over xmas twice.
got pvc oak soffits i cant get it off.we have had water comming through plaster in the dinning room
it did not happen before.
tried to clean my caravan over xmas its took the paint off were the render was (it had been on for over 2 weeks)
the boiler blow off pipe has gone missing i think that under a board, flue still has not been extended plumber not back till the 15th


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Will the damage to your dining room, guttering, soffits, drive, caravan etc. be a claim on there insurance??
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