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Hi. I admit that the ceresit basecoat i put on looks sh.t .
I used ceresit ZU, however i've been told by others that it is more of an adhesive .
I laid on the first coat , leveled it with a serrated edge and lightly bedded the mesh in then put a tight coat on top to cover it and left it for 2 days . I mixed up the same gear and put it on in a couple of sqm at a time , when i tried to spat it just teared and pulled up everywhere . i tried to lay it down as best i could with my S flex but its as rough as F*ck i admit ! ,theres no top coat applied yet so what's the best way to save it ? i'm guessing i've got to cover it all to keep the suction uniform. What decent basecoat can i use that i can slow down long enough to spat nice and flat.
Thanks KR. PS Feel free to give me some abuse along with a solution.


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yes ok. if i prime it i could dub out any big marks with white basecoat IE Baumit starcontact ?
Maybe i'm over thinking it. but sooner sort it before the silicone.
You’d have to use mc55 if you was using baumit it’s a contact adhesive, star contact is for insulation boards and block work
put on yesterday. I tried to patch what was tearing.


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