Help For Heroes Charity Event.....

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Hello Guys,

Myself and Jane are going to be cycling from John O'groats to Lands End in August of this year to raise money for Help For Heroes :)

We are planning on doing about 1500 miles (not going directly to Lands end) over 3 weeks

I will be setting up a blog in the week or so so you can check our progress and training etc.....

We will hopefully be relying on people to put us up for a night or so as we travel down the country so that we can save money on accommodation :)

well in mate, my brother did that last year for kidney research they went for 10 days and was absolutaly destroyed after haha apparently he had a blister on his arse the size for a saucer.
one god send he said was he took a block of marzipan and put it in one of those pocket things on the back of his shirt, nice bit of energy to get him through, just sumit to think about:RpS_thumbup:
Been an ex squaddie i have been supporting H4H since it started. so good on you marra......:RpS_thumbsup:
Good On you Danny
My son has done 2 tours of Afghanistan, A couple of years ago I got dressed in his dessert combats and a H 4 H teeshirt and went collecting down our town centre raised 800 quid on a sat afternoon.The support was amazing
We are looking forward to it actually....

My health has been tragic the last couple of years so this is going to be a pretty huge challenge for me...

The rout is pretty much planned now I will post up the route in the next few weeks... But as it stands its about 1300 miles and going through a lot of the national parks so should be awesome.

Trying to find companies that would be willing to donate bikes and some of the equipment that we need and then going to start phoning hotels and B&B's on route to see if they will donate nights stay etc :)

I will also be calling on members here and from my buggy forum to put us up for a night as well :) Should be a good way to meet members as well :)

We bought a exercise bike today so that should be here in a few days :) then its training training training... and off the beers for a few months :)

I will keep this thread updated as well as the blog :)


PS I will be letting you guys know how to sponsor us very soon :)
whell done dann,such a worth,y cause,as iam ex army meself saying that all charity events,are good causes for pepole
who need help hope you both do whell x:RpS_thumbsup: ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. CTRL+F5 reloads the whole page.
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