I'm new here, started out as a joiner, then cabinet making to electrical contracting to general building work, I also offer rope access and do a fair amount of work in London.
you get bored easily then?
Who doesn't. I really go were I can make money the change from cabinet making to electrical was no one wants bespoke furniture at the proper price. Alot of the good makers I know are scratching. And my dad's an electrical engineer seemed logical. Building I do prefer as it's varied. As long as standards stay high change ain't a bad thing if I couldn't make a change pay I wouldn't bother.


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Welcome along. What s rope access??? Only time I use rope is to tie milfs up :D
Here is a little example.

Ropes is just a means of access but you can be doing anything from cleaning windows, running cables I've done pointing on buildings.
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Why you want to plaster when you been doing that .
Why you want to plaster when you been doing that .
I like to keep life varied, or I need mental help. Probably the latter.
I just enjoy the challenge of learning something new especially if it is difficult


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Welcome along bud, interesting work life you have