Hello to the Forum - and then a question about a tool name

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Hello Forum members - I'm Steve, a former banker of 26 years City of London service - now a self-employed "Homme Tout Mains" (translates as man who works with his hands) living/working in SW France.
Mostly experienced in roofing and render work and just a DIY plasterer. Using only lime-based plasters as thats all they use/sell here in France

Just a quick question about the name of the flat plastic tub with a set of rollers & squeegee used in conjunction with a sponge float - and where can I get hold of one.



Think you have answer to your question......where about in the midi-Pyrenees are you based fella? Used to live out there myself a few years back, Toulouse area. You finding it easy to get work or are you only doing it to keep busy?


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Former ******, sorry i mean banker he said. wonder why he didn't reply. Head stuck up his own arsehole by the looks of it :flapper:


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I remember in the last boom it was fireman learning to plaster now its London bankers...goodness how times have changed

bloody hollwood trade this plastering malarkey!!!!:RpS_lol:
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