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Ping an email address up, and we,ll see if we can sort something out.i can't pm you yet. I won't put mine up because I don't want a voicemail from mark bond

thanks my email is gloss@decca.fslife.co.uk if you use Twitter you can follow me at @whoputthebootin a word of warning though to anyone who follows me I do tweet an awful lot about Guiseley AFC, music and quotes from people smarter than me, also I tweet nothing about my work and if you mention the forum i will follow back :)


Welcome matee, well been in the game while myself and i think it all depends on how hungry for it you are, we always have a lot of work on and earning bloody good money!!!! Lee
welcolme mate, id love to be a teacher as i enjoy learning people. Ive also got a level 3 and belive the rouge and hoodlums of manchester will listen to my easy going approach lol not at that stage of my carear yet...
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