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Queen Jess Elizabeth I
hello ...how are ya xx
wheres @JessThePlasterer are you really her husband checking out what shes doing in her spare time ??
If he was my husband I’d be seeing if we’re outside the time frame for an anullment!

My surname.... when I get round to changing it.... is now Roclawski. It dawned on me that I’m going to get double the hate now! Polish woman plasterer! :boxeador: :LOL:


The Lake Governor
Just joined do you know and Id like to follow the rules by saying hi!
Hi! :D
Question: are you a plasterer?
Answer 1: Yes.
Hi welcome to the nut house.
Answer 2: No I'm a disgruntled customer.
f**k off and don't come back.
Answer 3: Yes sort of, I've done a bit but want you all to teach me.
Hold the door for those answering 2 on your way out, and f**k off yourself.