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Hello Everybody
First time on the forum, have spent the last two hours reading all the posts and really impressed how helpful this site is. Have only been plastering for 1 year, really enjoying it and everythings going really well. One problem I need help with thou is quoting, everywhere I look for research I just seem to come up with such vastly different quotes for the same job and as a consequence I have been under quoting on most jobs. Any advice on what is the best way to give a good and honest quote, I work in the North East. Cheers.


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i find it easier to charge by the day really so i would do a days rate + vat + materials, quoting can be akward and takes a bit of getting used to.
try and find out what other people are charging in and around your area as prices will vary and take it form there. i find it better to go and see the job eye it up, then take a quote round the next day or so or sometimes over the phone, face to face is better you can gage his/her reaction better.

hope this helps good luck


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i have been plastering only for 4 months, enjoy it though i also do some tiling, i have been working for a few home improvement company's and they pay me £19 sq m but i have to provide all the mats, there is a min of 5 sq m, i have been pricing privates this way as well but have found to get jobs i charge 10sq m + Mats, I know that most will work on a day rate but this works for me,

Good luck


Welcome to the forum,

Pricing is so hard but i have a good method, charge more than most but oyu have to have the sales patter and follow up jobs with a courtasy call 3 days after the job is done ect to make sure they are happy.



Hello All
Thanks for all the advice really appreciate it, really impressed with the site especially when your just starting out as so difficult to get good advice. Like the day rate idea and the square meter rate, if doing the square meter rate it is obviously going to alter in respect of the type of plastering you are doing, so I have a rough idea could you tell me what you would charge in square meter terms in the following instances:
Skim onto wall ( min prep required )
Skim onto wall ( bad condition )
Skim onto board ( board in place already )
Board wall then skim
Skim over Artex ( normal )
Skim over Artex ( deep )
Board then skim ceiling
Cheers everybody and thanks for the help

if straight on board and they is long runs then you can make good money but if its fiddly crap then you just cant.

I get very stressed on fiddly stuff does my head in above doors with achetrave (spelt so right) behind pipes....grrrrrr

work out your day rate say £150 / £200 add amterials on and do it

I still struggle, I have been know to charge top end cos that is me and dont get me wrong I have lost jobs and some weeks I get a few days off cos of it but when I do get work it covers what I dont make quite comfortably.

Not saying that you should charge top end but have a play you will notice the price does not neccesarily matter to people

Anyway I am on site for a few hours today then off to see DPBEDS




Thanks for your help today Danny. Helped me catch up! Ceiling was no better. Fkin great lamp in the way and ended up standing on steps on stilts! Not to be recommended above a stair well! I'll send you a pic! Anyway got in after s**t day at 7pm! Not happy and got a feeling he wants walls done in lounge which I haven't quoted for!
Which brings me to the subject......
I look at the job and decide how many days. I charge £150 a day plus mats plus labourer. Also make sure I factor in if I need another plasterer!!!
That said if it looks like a pig I quote more.
Point about current job is make it clear what your quoting for! This guy was quoted for two part walls and a ceiling for today and when I turned up he had preped three full walls!
Also he said he'll get mats. That's fine it's cheaper as I charge a mark up for my expertise in knowing what to buy and carriage. This guy then asked if I'd go to wickes with him to get it!!!!!! I said no and gave him a shopping list.
As we left my labourer said "He's annoying isn't he?"

Looking forward to next tuesday Danny.


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did he get the shopping list right.

i hope not but i think he may be one of them custemers we all love to meet not!

what also gets me is you say the job is going to take 2 days and you quote for 2 days some other quote comes in and say 1 day.


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I charge a daily rate.
Pricing jobs is always quite nerve wracking when you start out.
The way i do it is:

Add what you want for a days work including your Tax/vat etc...
Add material costs
Add deisel

So lets say for instance, you have four walls to skim.
Say you want for talking sake, a hundred quid a shift
And it takes four bags, £20
Glue, £10
Tape, £5
Deisel, £5
So the job would be £140

It just depends on what materials you need, and how much you want for a shift:)
If your price seems quite expensive, then its probably right ;) It takes time to build the confidence when pricing.
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