Hello fellow spreads! I am not a dog, I am the man behind the dog

New to this forum stuff and like the idea of sharing knowledge at the touch of a button.
South West boy. Bandit country, only had running water and tarmac for a few years down here
Plastics are for the cash point , spats are shoes the gangsters wore, arches are also for shoes but more like my mum's shoes, they are not for knock throughs! Planks are for pirates and stilts are apparently for the Circus. Supper flex is a move my Mrs does at aerobics and board lifter is definitely derogatory for something


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Who's a good boy then?
Would you like a biscuit and your tummy tickling?

Oh s**t, you're NOT the dog but the guy behind the dog!
Oh what the f**k, would you like a biscuit?


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Another misleading thread title :endesacuerdo:
bit disappointed really when I read
"I am the man behind the dog"
I was expecting something a bit more like this :sisi:

Ah well welcome along anyway :hola: