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A wee while ago I found your site after looking for info re salt neutralisers and came across a home made version .. vinegar, water & soap .. could not view again as guest so here I am.

House issues have been looked at, initially by damp firm, who found damp near front door to be water ingress and hydroscopic salt issues to first floor exterior bedroom walls. Further problem was found when moving furniture in hall where dampness was found due to water condensation from main water pipe rotting wood support below floor boards & affecting wall plaster above. Another problem was found to front bay window with reported drying out of wetness, not rising damp but laterally.

So then after a quote and several visits from checkatrade types, I'm looking to see if I as a total novice can attempt to remedy these issues.

Advice and help from relation & cavity wall insulation firm meant hall issue resolved, just waiting for plaster to dry to see if needs redoing... only a small area. This may help resolve issue near font door.

Front bay window salts are not showing after using metal brush to remove ... twice... and have had dehumidifier running for three weeks to pull out water. This is where I would like to use salt neutraliser. Is home made mix worth an initial try?

Bedroom walls I've been advised should have the plaster removed and a cavity drain membrane fitted. This is the one I'm unsure about, is it feasible for a novice to attempt?

Money is an issue...
Well thats all folks, if your still reading!!:RpS_laugh:


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Welcome and get a professional in bud if u wasn't a dentist you wouldn't just have a go yourself :RpS_thumbsup:
Welcome and get a professional in bud if u wasn't a dentist you wouldn't just have a go yourself :RpS_thumbsup:
Must admit if I could find a trustworthy professional it would make life easier but they seem difficult to find.

Any thoughts on salt neutralisers?
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