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Hi there,

I have just joined this forum the other day and just saying hello really, had a quick browse through the forum, and it's just what I have been missing !!

The Plan :

I am 30 and currently doing my City and Guilds which I am almost finished. I have my 9 day module in end of October. My current job is working in a shitty builders merchants. I do the odd private here and there but nothing big. I did 3 years of good old hard labouring for a 30 year experienced plaster and learned invaluable tips along the way that no course could teach you. I am hoping after I complete my C&G I will try blag my way into an insurance company building my experience and if all goes well - go out on my own !!



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40 quid a day or f.u.c.k. off welcome to the forum anyway our vastly experienced but not in the field he wants to be working friend :)
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