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Hi all,

Was just after some advice please. A friend wants me to replaster round their fire which is cassette style as the original plaster is cracking. Do I need to used heat proof screed and plaster or will the plaster do a good enough job on it's own?



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You either want a fire cement with sand or sand and lime but not the hydrated lime,you may still experience some cracking though,hope this helps.


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I am new to this forum ...Hello Everyone,

Here is the heatproof screed and plaster I have used its difficult to put on and level from brick also the plaster will not smooth but its a recognized heat proof plaster.

thickness : Screed 20mm - Plaster 5mm

my tips : build up the final coat of heat proof plaster then sand back it will not polish up
also its only for small areas and you cant put a multi finish over it it states that you
cant do that. finally its REALLY expensive so save up and get more than you need I found that
what you get will not go very far!


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sand cement and lime backing, dnt use beads round edges,then top with victas plaster, its very sticky compared to multi and it tends to hang for a while but its good stuff, make sure you get a perfect finish though as this plaster dries rock hard and you wnt be able sand it back but it will trowel smooth
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