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Hello my name is harryjackson i have just turned 20 have been to college to learn plastering and have laboured for about a year now and really want to learn the trade. The bloke i was working with had to move far away so no longer any work .. im looking for plasterer than can train me up and get me where they want me to be . Im very hard working and really want to learn this trade the proper way and future my courier in plastering please get back to me it would be great hearing from you thanks harry jackson. From uxbridge


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See your future courier in plastering :eek: don't we knew what you meant and best of luck Harry and hope you get your chance (y)


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Welcome along Harry, keep involved and be patient. It may take a while before someone in your area come on, best of luck bud

Jordan Mannin

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Good Luck Harry... good set of people on here who will not only give you the best of the banter but will help you out when needed :numberone: