Hardworking...keen...17 year old looking for apprenticeship...merseyside area

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i am a very hardworking young man looking to get an apprenticeship within the merseyside and sourrounding areas....i am 17 years of age and i have been in college 2 years studying the subject 3 day's a week...i have done my diploma's at level 1 and 2 and have got my nvq level 1....i am very keen to push on to my nvq level 2-3 and complete an apprenticeship if possible...i have a college place lined up and funding in place for my nvq level 3...i have also just completed a 10 week work placement never late never absent and i can supply a reference...all i need is a chance.....if anybody is looking for an apprentice please consider me...i will not let you down and i am very keen to learn the trade.

thanks for looking at my post.

Lewis aged 17
Thank you Dan...Little mistake on my post...should read funding in place for my nvq level 2 and not 3 of course....new to this site but will try and edit it....

Good luck mate,there isn't many youngsters with the get up and go you sound like you have.work hard and people will notice.
Good luck Lewis :RpS_thumbup:
Plasterjfe might have had something for you but as you're a blueboy maybe not :rolleyes)
Do you realize that if you fu.ck up you will be made to wear a Liverpool shirt for the remainder of the day?
well am very keen to listen and learn...my mum and dad have taught me a good work ethic....and i suppose its rubbed off on me...just been up 6.30 6 days a week...working till 6 every day for little money...but its all about learning at this stage for me
Best of luck Blue you seem like a commited young lad. Good attitude always stands out in the crowd. Bit shite here in Liverpool tho, spreads working for £50 a day and rooms done for £70 blah blah.
I was at 2....Cornerstones were i started and got my diploma and another organisation called B.G.H were i got my nvq1 and they have the paperwork and funding in place for my nvq2 and apprenticeship.
Thanks Jamie...i am doing everything i can to get a start somewere ....and thank you everybody for the good luck messages.....i will keep you all posted....thanks again.
And when you start earning a few quid look to buying houses and renting them out cos by the time you are 30 you will want out of this game and hopefully by then you will have something behind you:RpS_wink:
Best OF Luck blue ..you will go far ,nice to see a professorial approach to starting a career in something you have trained for ....we all may be spreads but we like a bit of respect ,and you got it
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