Hardwall or bonding


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Hi guys kinda newish to plastering and a bit confused as to which products to use for which applications. I have read up on the thistle website and from past threads but none the wiser. I have attached a few pics of the bits I need to do before skimming them so any advice on which to use and why would be great many thanks



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thanks for the replys

so what things would make you sway towards one or the other?

I have read that hardwall you can only put on in a max of 10mm as it will shrink and that you don't use pva and noticed it is a finer consistency.

would you use the hardwall just for finer filling and bonding for building up in bulk a little more?

Many thanks


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Do I need to say it again

Bonding is for low suction and hardwall for higher suction.

Work out if there's more of higher suction or lower suction and there's your answer simple!
Proper spreads will have a preference as I do and prefer hardwall but if your going by the book then the answer is above.


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Classic case of a courser is this..dnt care if its in diy section ur a courser working on somebodys home my gut feeling..:coffe: