Hard working plaster 27 from Tipton trying to get out of office life!

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Hi Guys/Girls

My name is Shaun I'm from Tipton in the West Midlands currently working for a safety distribution company in office but really want out!

im a hands on guy, hard working and even at the age of 27 is very fit! Lol

I have my city and guilds in finishing skills, construction,rendering and plastering skills with certification to prove.

I have done a fair amount of work for friends and family but really want to put my foot on the lader and make this my full time job!

If anyone out there could help or knows someone that needs a hard working reliable guy please send them my way!

indeed my friend...would he look good in a skirt seeing he is soooooo fit ooo young man young man...isnt bubbles a cross dresser?
Lol.... Ah... 27 and fit, I remember 27.. But never fit..:RpS_lol:. Do you remember 27 ben:RpS_sneaky:
Lol.... Ah... 27 and fit,
Sounds like my lady.

"Wats all this clay fing bout.Do you use it in mud huts." by KB

Ask Nisus, he did a whole village in it somewhere in Africa, I think CPM was jealous that Nis didnt ask him to supply the materials.

Rock on !
Never mind. Need an apprentice. Gonna put an ad out on here soon. Had a lad do couple of days last week..... useless. Absolutely useless.
hi mate

I'm In a job at the min but pay is poor n keep getting messed around

if you could drop me a txt on 07896 520 851 and I'll get back to you later on this evening
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