hangar spacings for mf grid

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Doing an outside walkway in MF. it needs to take a 9mm masterboard/concrete board (not sure exactly) and then a 9mm render. Agent has insisted that the hangers go in at 300mm centres. Anyone every done anything as close as that ! I reckon we could've hung the Titanic under that lot. It was a run 30m long and 2m wide and took 2 of us nearly 3 days ! I couldn't even get them to consider 450mm centres.
If that's the spec mate then that's what you price for, done similar using aquapanel exterior and topped in Marmorit thin coat system
Hi Dan
Exterior soffits have to be designed specifically to suit the site conditions, in particular the wind loading on the soffit. The wind creates both an upward pressure and also a downward suction pressure........ usually the grid behind the soffit liner has to be calculated specifically to suit the loads, so if the spec calls for hangers at 300 ctrs then that has been calculated that way (although it does seem a bit extreme). Have the support channels and fixing cahnnels been set a strange centres as well?
Where is the project?

I am the Knauf Aquapanel Exterior Specification Manager and get involved in specifying these sorts of things fairly regularly...... It is not common to have just a 9mm masterboard, a 12mm board is more common - this may explain the structure behind......

If you need any specific assistance, or have any further semi exposed exterior soffits, my contact details can be found on my profile.

Good Luck!
Thanks for the input fellas, nice to know that there was a valid reason for all that extra drilling.(nearly 300 holes in that slab now, and there was a lot of metal in amongst it all) I pity the poor sod who was there today insulating it with what looked like 150mm rigid slab rockwool !!

I couldn't use a perimeter channel either because of the shadow gap, also had to put in extra primary bar because of recessed strip lights all the way down. Then to make it worse the under-hanging slab that it ties in with was up and down all over the place so had to make a jig to get the 18mm gap on each individual top hat !
It's a big University job in Oxford. Thankfully my part is all done now.
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