Hand Problems

I have read a lot on here about hand problems...

My tip would be to keep your hands dry so you dont need to grip so hard on the trowel... amazing the difference that would make
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Steel grip with hurty thumbs and knees ! That's what I get for grafting for years instead of concentrating on being a prem footy diva or pop star money for nothing merchant or an mp ! :coffe:


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Don’t mess around with the cheap crap ones - these are the bad boy rubber gloves, cotton lined for comfort and stops your hand sweating. Had them on for screeding today - not a bit of hand irritation and you don’t have to hold the rule so hard as your hand grips the rule lighter. Any hollows, throw a bit of gear in and your hands got protection from cement burns etc.


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sticky bandage off ebay I use..5m x 25mm and 50mm wide stuff. Vaseline is best put on at night. Put sock over to stop the stuff getting everywhere as takes ages to get in skin. It's known to be the best and cheap.

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I stood pricing job once with blood dripping out my fingertips from splits. Fortune it was in a old fireplace rug but embarrassing.