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Tiny Tim: “oh mother, shan’t we have a pumpkin to carve?”

“No Tiny Tim! Carve your turnip and be thankful it’s not a tomato like last year!”
Tiny Tim aka @essexandy


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Yeah, it stunk, even with a nightlight. no little electric lights then, and not even electricity during the 3-day week!
Don't think I saw a real pumpkin until years and year later. I've bought a pumkin this year 'cos its cheap food, little buggers can go elsewhere for their treats. I fancy some roast pumkin and garlic & pumpkin soup.


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We just turn all the lights out so the kids don’t know we are home. Saves on the leccy and giving them anything.


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bunch of juvenile delinquents taking there first steps on the rocky path downwards to crime, and then there there is the 7 year olds and upwards , knocking on your door, the future toerags and electricians,
all wearing tracksuit bottoms no doubt, smack em in the mouth, hosepipe them down,


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I remember when it started to be a thing in London, teen toe rags came knocking with a baseball bat, let your tyres down if they didn't get cash....scum mothers with kiddies encouraged them to throw flour paste with dried peas on my door - I wasn't even in!