Hall, Stairs and Landing - botheration!!!!

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I stripped the horrid wallpaper of my hall stairs and landing - came off clean on the walls and ceiling on the stair rise, but the crappy woodchip on the ceiling at the landing is proving to be a git! I dont have ladders long enough and even if i did - my arm muscles are dying on me with all this scraping.

Anyways, enough of this waffle - i want to be able to paint it but - it needs skimming so my questions are....

1. I have had a quote for £350 - this doesnt include removing and replacing the radiator [i have to find someone else to do that :mad:] is this a good/bad/middling kinda quote?
2. Can u skim over woodchip? - or is that just a shoddy thing to do? :-[
3. Are hall, stairs and landings the mother of all jobs and therefore it needs an experienced plasterer to do it so is the 2nd yr plastering student, a mate of my daughters, who says he could do it for £100 having a laugh and needs kicking into touch? is it worth the risk?

if you read this - thanks
if you reply to this - even betterer!


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Ok mate.
350 seems cheap to me. Victorian hall landings and stairway way i charge 700-800. Normal house a little less. Quote 50 100 for mats
never skim over wallpaper. dont matter if you struggle to get it off. Its a big no no.
H/L/S are abit more tricky and take longer so i charge more. But i charge more than 350 to do a normal roon inc lid. :)
thank you for your prompt reply!!

sooooooooooo i should go with the £350 but not before i have got rid of the rest of the bloody woodchip! gotcha :D

btw i dont have a victorian hall stairs and landing! I have more of a lobby than a hall ;)

do plasterers usually refuse to remove the radiators then???

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I do cos if i flood the place i will be in a whole world of s***. Plumbers charge £30 to take off and £30 to put back on.
totally agree with weller.
Hall stairs and landings tend to be involved and need trestles etc so take longer.
(stand at the bottom of your stairs and look up)

I never touch any other trades be it plumbing, electrics etc.
If rads and switches ain't off I give the choice of I'll go round em or walk and come back when they're off.
i wish i had just painted over the crappy wallpaper now! ;D

ahhh well - i have just become a contortionist and managed to get most of the fricken woodchip off the ceiling right arm is now twice the size ov me left now like :eek: gonna set the steamer on it tomoz and hopefully the remnants will peel off like a gud un :-/

I will figure out how to take a radiator off and risk electrocution when i take of the switch/plug covers - i want knew ones anyways :D

Thanks for all ur words of wisdom - will let you know what happens - oh btw what do u guys think of polycell smoothover or basecoat? Worth a try or dont bother??

thanks again

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Yeh its great stuff.
Ive get loads of work from people who buy the stuff and use it on there ceilings and walls. They forget you still need to get it flat....Then i get a call the the old man miss's asking if i can sort it there wallls cos they are a mess!! Good old polycell ;D

350 seems a good price , go with it i reckon
too funny!!!

i wont go with 'good ole polycell' then ;D

thanks for the tip [smiley=tongue.gif]

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if you get a plumber or a sparky you wouldn't blink at 200 for 4 hours work because their the going rates you get what you pay for and plastering falls into a skilled trade aswell you won't get any change out of £600-£800 (dependant on size) for a quality job if you pay a couple of hundred quid to get it done it'll cost you another 200 for smoothover
sorry to sound narky but i really think you should pay for a quality job that will last years and save yourself alot of headache

the problems with smoothover are that you won't be able to apply it like a plasterer can it will end up bumpy and cast shadows on the walls.
if you do go down that route go to travis and ask for some aimes it's a pre mixed filler and will end up alot cheaper than buying the crappy little tubs from b+q
However please recommend smoothover to all your friends.
It keeps some of us in business!!
just a quick update

I have arranged for two quotes to be given on monday - one coming at 6.30-7pm the other has to call me on monday to set up a time - i will try not to have them both there at the same time!! eek...

the first one said £300 - £350 is about the going rate for a hall, stair and landing reskim sooooo i guess his quote will be around the first one i had - although he said he takes the light switches and plugs off the wall as a matter or course - he will get a plumber to do the radiator but that will be in the price he quotes so he says.

The other one played his cards close to his chest - sooooo watch this space!

ya never know - i could have a half decent entrance to my home by the weekend! Wow that will be a novelty - i might just keep the new plaster for a while b4 painting - just to show it off for a bit ;D

Good things come to those that wait eh!

L xxx

I have a mate who had his ceiling in hs kitchen diner reskimmed - big L shaped room for £120 - he is in middlesbrough though - i think the further up north u go the cheaper it seems to be ;D

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ahhh bugger that is a shame!!

cos i know u would have done the job for no more than £200 ;)

maybe i should learn how to plaster

I am sure if i tell em - i am guaranteed to wear hotpants and a tight t-shirt the jobs will come rolling in :-/

Can you give us some measurements Louby?
I'm intrigued now! :-/
hmmmmmmmmmmm you must mean the hall stair and landing measurements!

cos ur wayyyy too much of a gentleman to ask for mine! :eek:

both would be nice!!! :cool:

However, I tried the boob tube and hot pants thing and it didn't help.
Kept falling off the stilettos too!

i swear by them in the summer anythings better than nappy rash from boxers!!.................. err just kidding :-[
Think I need to go on a diet mind.
Man boobs have gone up a cup size
an update!

i had my plastering done yesterday!  and it looks fab!!!!

I little bit of nibbling needs doing where it meets the skirting [in places] but i will smooth that over when i sand down the skirting before painting other than that it is like glass!

Bargain at £300 me thinks!  He gave me a quote for my lounge while he was here - £300 for the lot or £250 if i dont want the ceiling done - dreaded woodchip on ceiling again   :'(  I will strip the ceiling though and get the lot done - not till mid august though.

Oh and thongs in summer are ok
Tis the granny knicks in winter ya need to watch out for  ;D

L xx
youll do alright louby your a northern bird lol quotes are good btw...
nicksey im havin doubts about you man...your avata says your a girl...your underwear preference says your a girl...something your not tellin us?? not that im against female plasterers...
sorry for killing the fantasy mate  ;) but do swear by the thong thing and weller  ;D ;D ;D
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