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Just got this today. , Chain saw on a disc. For 4and half disc cutter. Looks nasty.


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Great for carving and quick branch lopping need to handle with care though, my lab ripped his leg with it last month


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Just be careful to state the obvious. Been to hospital a few times with metal sparks in my eyes. Picked out with a needle.
This is a different puppy!!!!


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Best keep two hands on and careful of kickback cuts , head and neck off-center at all times


When you think of all the safety gear (and training) to avoid injury with a chainsaw, it seems blades like the one above are potentially setting people up for some very nasty accidents, even if holding-on tight to the grinder.

@MIXERMAN - I'm not being a nob saying that. to annoy you. I'm saying what I see, and, as a fellow tradesman, I'm tempted to suggest you throw it away rather than use it - your wellbeing is more important than the convenience of that blade, is it not? :birra:


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Another misleading thread!! The disappointment! How would you like it if I started a thread saying cottaging! And there was just a picture of a cottage?


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Used plenty of grinders/cutters over the years for metalwork, not keen on using them now after one shattered and made a big hole in my leg.
A skip is the only place I'd put that.


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Use a small handheld grinder for tiling. Thats bad enough for me. They are dangerous


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Wire cup brushes are dangerous too. Restored a couple of minis as a kid, and one time, de rusting the boot floor, straps on my goggles picked up on brush and in a split second, just about managed to stop it burying it into my face.


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I'm so tempted to try it out . I'll video it for you. And write a note for my wife to find, just in case it goes.. :frio: :endesacuerdo::crying:o_O x