Graveyard shift

Literally @ Thursday shift- pics to follow
Should be no complaints .
Larenz Tate Starz GIF by Power Book II: Ghost
I'm getting quite worried this 000 geezer is starting to sound like my old lab !! Noooo it cant be !! I though I buried him like step brothers!!! FFS I'll have to put my nuts on his drum kit again !!
Log in Thursday for updates …
@ Pics or it never happened

The end .
I can hardly contain my excitement ! Its only one sleep away though so hopefully I'll sleep tonight. This better be worth all your hype. That's all I'm going to say about it, until the proof is in the pudding, that is !
That looks like a graveyard. A nice knapped flint wall.
Have done a few jobs in that vain.
Plastered a room in the path lab in Essex county hospital it was in use while I worked there. There was jars on the shelves with peoples names on and the street that they had lived, with body parts in. The Pathologist was cutting organs up to find the reason for death. The Pathologist looked out of the window and saw a drug addict walking by and said" He will have an appointment with me the way that he is going on"
The mortary at St Marys hospital, A large ceiling fan running all the time to keep the smell down. These jobs where years ago, We where always on jobs like this when I was an apprentice.
What job are you doing there ? I was expecting to see work, ongoing or completed.
Nothing@ exiting -:It was some concrete hard standing /I was only in for my services @ levelling & float finish off …

we traded @ no money exchanged …
No traded labour for the groundskeepers
to do us some work …

@ everyone should trade services , No one stealing 1/4 of your hard earned .

The end …
So what did you get out of it ? Your very coy in your answers even though you advocate free trade.