Got the chance to get into the plastering trade...

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I have just turned 17 so left school last year, went to college on a public services course which i did not enjoy and dropped out of before Christmas and have had a few jobs here and their since then, but now i have got the chance to do an apprenticeship in plastering with my moms boyfriend who has had over 25 years in the trade, it goes on for about 4 years. Just need a bit more of an inside on pay rate and how much it increases as the time goes by, and by look of what i've said i'm only in it for the money but i am looking for something to go in the direction of :D

Help appreciated :)
Re: Got the chance to get into the plastering trad

Welcome to the forum,

I wish I did plastering when I left school but I was too busy drinking and bumming around with college ect ect.

I would probably expect around £40 a dayish to start with until you can start using the tools and lgenerally being useful, form then the money will just keep increasing, £35k a year is probably the average but then it depends on how you promote and push yourself.

Anyhow good luck and keep us updated with your progress

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