Good Small Tools To Buy

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I worked with a plasterer a while back and he had one of theys tools for the small areas and i used it an found it very good to use and nice an flexi, they are oil painting tools but to day i found them in FOCUS for £2.75 each! worth a buy much better than the ones you get in TP or B&Q ect


I know busy with the camara to day! to much time.
Oasis could you put a picture up mate that shows all the tool i can only see the handle and half the tool mate
i fink iv taken enuf photos to day ha, ill be getting robbed next.ill take a photo of the front door and the broken latch on the back window
I have a set of these v.good got them in a craft shop when getting some paints and stuff for the nipper.
I got a plasterers small tool from a tool shop but its utter crap just not flexable enough these
are far better altogether.

Also after a bit of use with s+c I found that it was copper made with a silver/steel coating?(the small tool)
Went to buy a new small tool last month as im always loosing them ,
the guy behind the counter said thats 2 youl have now :mad: cheeky c.u.n.t
I know I'm quite new to this but why do you all keep cracking on about being "nice and flexible for skimming", I've got a variety of trowel sizes (midget,margin and small) but I don't like them to be really flexible. My favorite small tool is a stainless one I bought from B&Q for about £3, I use it for work on external renders as well as internal work and it is definitely not what you would call flexible.
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