Gone big today…on a fiver


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Had a jax in my account so thought the gods are going to shine on me today and buy her a new hoover and Jason donovans back catalogue..bosh!!


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Solksjar is gone after today me thinks!!
Fuckking hope so, biggest fraud in football. Got the biggest managers job in football, if he wasn’t in charge of United he wouldn’t even be considered for the norwhich job, fuckkk off back too molde the cunnt


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s**t day at the office for the football…unreal
The scores today??
I flipped to the horses…didnok there today at ascot…might leave the football alone,hard work…
Had a nice little day on the Gee gees…easier than that shite.


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Defo starting to think it’s all rigged this season..rangers getting hammered at home by hibs???

They ran out of super t up there smoother??