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Hello People,

I'm looking to get myself on a Gold Trowel Course in the coming Months - I see the Training Centre is based in Essex, bu I was looking to undertake the course somewhere more local if at all possible. Not had much luck searching via Google, currently living in Oxford.

Any ideas???


M :)


hello again marky have you thought about giving them a ring and asking if there are any courses near you or any they recomend . cheers mate


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Alright Paul,

Yeah i spoke to them at the end of last week, when i asked about courses they said there may well be other training centre's closer to Oxford, but were confident none of them would be able to provide me with the knowledge/expertee's they do! ::)

They don't like competition me thinks! ;)

If anyone knows of anywhere closer it'd be appreciated... the only real burning issue i have is paying out for a b&b for 2 weeks!!

Though, if it must be done then so be it.



Hello Marky, I thought the same until I got there. Believe me they know what they are talking about, sometimes you have to travel that's what I did even though I'm at the back end of London soon to leave our counrty to OZ. I think you'll find they like competion, reason no-one can touchem that's why. Every one has an opion it's what they do for you in respect of teaching you as much as feasibly possibly in such a small amount of time. Then again who else would send dvd's out for you to study prior to starting the course. They do that's what got me through there door. Say no more, if in doubt take a visit there. In fact everyone booking on whatever course with whatever training centre should visit in my opion then you know that you are not been mislead. Unless you have blinkered vision. That's my thought, cheap is not always cheeerful.
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