go on the aussieeeeeess


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I'd still not count out Germany, problem with Portugal if ronaldo has a slightly off game, and he's due one, they create very little.
Croatia are a good side well disciplined and modric and ratic are 2 of the best midfielders about.
I'd have An outside bet on uraguay best 2 centre halfs in world football and a threat up front, they stink the thing out with negative football and once they go 1-0 up chances are it will stay that way, but I'd have them getting to final at least.


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i think VAR is a waste of time....to many wrong decisions.
soon as england loose to it....the paddies and jocks will be shouting "UP THE VAR" lol
I like it how they all sit in there ref kits in that little var room, football nerds that weren't good enough to play football, so they ref it.