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for sale ....1 gnome ....has a bit of plastering experiance .....not to bad at beading (but you need to keep an eye on him) blows his own trumpet (reckons he's the best at everything)....fairly cheap to run ..doesnt eat to much but is VERY VERY angry ...speaks his own little language and answers to either Paul or simps and does bum tricks

sensible offers only please , buyer collects and cash on collection ....comes with full operating instructions and will demonstrate what buttons to press to wind him up


monkey :D
does it come with different outfit s like you could get for action men or is it just a little fishing rod or something
Yeah comes with several outfits , a nurse and buxom wench to name a few and he even has a little switch on the back of his head that make his eyes look left to right
I only need him to keep this one company, i hope he has been neutered
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