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And I dont give a s**t what anyone says I like farage if he was the leader of a real party I would vote for him (by the way I know he's no longer ukip leader:) before anyone says it)


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Your right I dont rate amber Rudd be honest mate its a shambles the whole lot of them in both parties....the only one who seems cool and collected is the man who was meant to be some sort of hippy....maybe its time for a new real party to emerge....if a viable option turned up reds and blues would flock to them
One has turned up :) I don't look at labour like the Tony Blair or miliband years, I see a massive shift. Corbyne is talking about a different way of doing things which benefit us all and that's what's been missing in politics for a very long time. People think it's more of the same and their voices don't count but feel they are seeing a change and it's not based on the rich. I'm not talking well off I'm talking rich and the gap between rich and poor is widening. I was never vocal about politics until corbyne, yeh I have always voted labour because I have lived and witnessed what the tories have done and labour. Renationisation of our own railways is a no brainier, I can't understand why anyone wouldn't want it unless they had something to gain from privatisation.


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No I think conservative will win (not sure why you think me saying Abbott will loose more votes than she wins indicates that) my problem is I dont like may but I do like corbyn....but I dont like the people corbyn is surrounded by. I think may will win but she is aweful and not sure I want to be complicit with putting her in powers....corbyn I'm starting to like but not sure I want to be complicit in putting some of the fools around him in power

Ok, I thought you meant may would lose more votes than win lol hence my question.


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To be fair I don't argue sides I post up videos and facts about both sides it's up to you what you think. So you think amber rudd is doing a good job? She has got her figures mixed up a lot of times also.

Do you b*ll***s lol


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I think tonight is going to be a gamechanger. People are sick and tired of the negative campaigning and smear tactics of the tories. I listened to May campaigning today on the radio and it was just all corbyn this corbyn that. Nothing about policy. The majority of callers phoning in felt the same. They have got their campaign drastically wrong and if she goes into night with the same attitude i think its going to backfire big time. If it wasnt for that diane abbott id be even more confident.


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Scottish Conservatives will be getting my vote - as well as a hopefully huge number of other like minded people that are sick of SNP and that horrible little c**t Sturgeon.