Funniest comment of the year ???

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Coming towards the end of the year so what's the funniest post/ thread / reply you've had on the TPF

For me the funniest post I've seen was about turning up to a customers house in wellies to plaster ..... still laugh to myself when I think about this .... comedy gold !!



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Not a comment but this happened the weekend!
A mate of my bro in law was at there footie ground after the match.
Transit pulls up....
Romanian/Bulgarian or somat or other opens the door and asks if he wants to buy a brand new led curved Samsung tv!
The kid says how much!
Let's have a look, so the Romanian or what ever he was undoes a bit of the bubble wrap and black bags and shows him the corner,
The kid thinks he's on to a deal and says yea.
The bloke gives him a Samsung leaflet and puts the tv in his boot.
Looking all smug he goes in and tells his mates what he's just bought.
So they all go out to have a look,
He undoes the bubble wrap and low and behold he's got a basic Sony lcd TV that's got a f**k off big crack going right through the tele!
He's mate all start pissing there selves and have gave him banter and abuse all weekend!
I couldn't believe it when he told me, what was the stupid c**t thinking!
He didn't even ask to see if it worked and just thought it was getting a bargain!
I bet the Romanian or what ever they were was laughing his head off all the way home!
Serves him right,
1. If it sounds to good to be true it is!
2. Never buy out the back of a van especially a foreigner!
3. IF you do check it over first!
Some people's depressing knowing when I have kids they'll be brought up in a world like this!


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When they say its coming next week, then next week never or rarely comes. Banter on the damp back and forth, or basic questions like "how you can calculate the amount of board, skim, brick, concrete etc " or how much to charge questions or who's done bigger and better and the list goes on.
I'm bitter I know, had a shite day.


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the time when spunky had not been on for ages and someone asked what had happened to him, within seconds he posted " im here but im not queer " just made me laugh


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15 minutes of him saying "guys" "tell you what" and " nature of the beast"

If you look in to his mental blinking eyes for more than 10 seconds you start going a bit mental yourself. Be careful guys.


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I played that vid but just jumped forward a few minutes every so often.
And I actually heard the same sentence from him every time!!!
Kin bonkers that man.
Make sure you get clearance to lay it on guys


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This little gem from the tiling section has to be a contender (y).

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setting out
Watch Thread

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    The most important part of the job, along with the correct adhesives and grouts used for each substrate... once set out right, and kept plumb, level, sq.... its pretty easy.. we will be covering this a lot on the training day....

So to recap the most important part of tiling is setting out, and using the correct adhesive and grout.

My lifes so much emptier these days :sick:.

Still I'll soldier on(y).
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