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Pool today. Only 5 min bike ride, but never knew it existed. its An old clay pit and looks a a lot bigger in the photo but a nice little nature reserve. No fishing though!


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funny its not been emptied by you know who

Yup. It’s a well known spot for the locals so I suppose they police it in someways. There’s another big lake by us called Seeswood that I sometimes walk round and chat to some of the guys fishing. It’s a club water so I don’t fish it, but the one guy told me about it and he said he put them in and that’s how I got to know about it. Fished it once, but the carp are very wild and difficult to catch.
It’s known locally as Dead Dogs! :D


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Seeswood Pool

This lake is part of the local Arbury Hall estate and is rented by an angling club. Just about see the dam end in the distance which is right next to the road. It’s a beautiful water and there are some really big lumps in it.
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Yep, just off google though Danny.
I drive past the dam end a couple of times s day and being higher up in a van gives me a good vantage point. Often see a few off the lumps circling just below the surface.

Nice... I am a river mann and use to love walking the river looking for barbel and chub. Found some great spots over the years.