floor tile leveling systems

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Anyone used these systems, theres a few companies making them, rubi, knauf,genesis etc.. I think they have serious flaws, just wanted other peoples thoughts on it...


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Only seen the vids but ain't that the artistry and skill of a tiler getting them flat and true. They look like they would stress me out and wouldn't be that great in the real world. The skill is in the substrate prep as much as laying the tile Imo


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with all wet trades get the muck right and the job has good chance of being right, guys pounding rubber mallets on floors or lump hammers trying to level bricks is not a good sign :(


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Think they might be ok on really big tiles and would give them a go the vids make it look easy, been meaning to ask this question on the tilers forum for a while just haven't got round to it.


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I've got a fella coming to do a floor on a job for me and he's been telling me about these, they look the business but I've mentioned my concerns about it being like a honeycomb underneath and he's 100% confident that they won't move. We'll see :RpS_thumbup:


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Was looking at these today in topps not convinced either can see them creation voids. Like you say I'd butter back to make sure.
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